What is MGTOW mean? What is the red pill about?

//What is MGTOW mean? What is the red pill about?

People who never heard about the MGTOW phrase or the red pill would never guess what it is. They may figure MGTOW refers to some hashtag. And most would assume that the red pill has something to do with a contraceptive or Viagra type power pill. However, both of those assumptions are wrong. MGTOW is an acronym which stands for “Men Going Their Own Way”. What started out as a simple thing, has turned into a large movement. Many social media and countless websites are what made it part of an online community. Reddit, where the movement is said to have been started, is home to many MGTOW blogs.

The pseudonymous society is comprised of men. They warn other males about falling into serious relationships with women. More specifically, about marrying them. Conversely, the ‘red pill’ refers to getting the truth about the MGTOW perspective. Others refer to it as TRP or The Red Pill. The belief is that anyone who supports the MGTOW movement, has thus taken the red pill. As far as where the name for the red pill came from, it is attributed to the movie The Matrix. Anyone who has seen it recalls the part when Neo takes the red pill to finally learn the truth.

People who believe in the movement feel as though others who don’t, are living in denial. They see them as following doctrines put forth by society as a whole. Most of the teachings they feel are ‘lies’ tend to deal with what society tells men and women they should be. Additionally, those who say and believe that men and women are equal, are lying. The same for anyone who believes that gender equality is a good thing.

Anyone who states that females are being economically oppressed, are also liars. Other lies include respecting women who live promiscuous sex lives. Individuals who take the red pill believe that those types of women are ‘sluts’ and should not be respected. The belief that protecting and helping (western) women and that it is the responsibility of males to do so, is also considered a lie. Overall, there are numerous other so called ‘lies’ which are attached to the MGTOW movement. According to those who follow it, only when you finally take the red pill, will you be able to see the truth for yourself.