Whether we realize it or not, hair color can play an important role when choosing a partner or looking for a date. Of course, hair color is not usually the first thing we look at when trying to find a date – we are usually drawn to a woman’s facial features and other assets. Hair color does play a crucial role however in a subconscious way.
Certain hair colors for women are generally associated with different traits and stereotypes. The most common of which is obviously the blonde bimbo. These notions and stereotypes are ingrained in our minds, and whether we like it or not, they can affect our choices. So which hair color do we men prefer to date? Do we prefer to watch videos of hot blondes? Or sexy brunette videos instead? Or maybe redheads tickle our fancy? Read on to find out!


Blondes are typically seen as being fun, bubbly and more approachable than women with other hair colors. Furthermore, the true blonde hair color is considered to be rarer than other hair types – this gives blondes an air of excitement and subconsciously attracts us towards them. Moreover, studies have shown that we men feel that blondes are easier to approach in situations such as nightclubs, and the possibility of rejection may be lower.


Brunettes are typically seen as confident, self-assured and stable. These qualities can actually be daunting to a man as they may feel intimidated or overwhelmed. Furthermore, brunette or brown hair is typically seen as the most common color which reduces its rarity. Men are often drawn to the rare aspects of women and stay away from something perceived as “normal” such as brunette hair color.


A true redhead is quite rare in today’s society – this fact alone should make redheads extremely desirable, and our hair color of choice. Sadly it doesn’t work that way as it does with blondes! Redheads typically suffer from an array of social stigmas – no other hair color suffers from such aggressive negatives. Sure we may refer to some blondes as bimbos, but that wouldn’t stop us from dating them! Redheads, on the other hand, have it worse – to some people, being “ginger” is a terrible thing – these social stigmas ultimately mean redheads are not as popular as their blonde and brunette counterparts.


To sum things up, we men simply prefer blondes! In most studies and psychological exercises, men are typically drawn towards blondes due to the factors mentioned above.
So blondes really are our preferred hair color! You only have to look at some of the videos on YouTube and other sources to see that there are loads of videos of hot blondes, and not as many sexy brunette videos. Obviously, this doesn’t mean that brunettes and redheads are less attractive or suitable – it’s just a case of how our brains are hard-wired, and the traits associated with these hair colors! Which is your color of choice?